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How do I register?

You’ve not register yet, you’d only have to go to our “REGISTER” section and fill out the form with basic personal information. Afterwards, you’ll receive an email confirmation with our Miami courier address and all you’ll need to know to get the most of our service.

How do I know if my order arrived Miami?

We created an automatic update-email to advise our customers upon entrance in the inventory system, this eases tracking the arrival of goods. After it enters, you’ll receive subsequent, automatic emails each time status switches from arrival, to transport, to customs and so on…

Which are the hours of operation?

Our offices are pen from Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm and Satudays, from 9:00am to 12:30pm. You can always reach us anytime, with a short wait reply to:
info@encargogroup.com & servicios@encargogroup.com
Never Closed! To deliver your packages to your Door we are always open to your schedule and needs!

Which is the pound rate for air service packages?

It is set at USD$3.80/Lb + Itbis. Applies to all boxes 0 to 70 pounds.
DGII applies “Selective” taxes to goods costing over USD$200, you’ll be advise for the need port services required in these cases.

What do I do if my package is too heavy?

If you need to ship an order of bigger volume or heavier piece, we can offer an Marine option.
You can also specify with a (M) for marine or an (A) for air shipment along your client code.
ie. Code 1-2345,
for marine service would be 1-2345-M,
for air service would be 1-2345-A

Are my packages insured for accident and/or loss?

Yes, we extend a service with 100% coverage against accidents of all merchandise traveling with us. If the contents of your packages arrive broken or missing, please contact us immediately with customer code, warehouse receipt and tracking numbers at:

What should I do if I forget online user ID and/or password?

You’d only have to write to servicios@encargogroup.com, we’ll proceed to reset either your user identification or password for you. During work hours, you can also call us at (809) 560-5199 and talk one of our friendly service representatives, they’ll be happy to assist.