A Tiempo en tu Puerta



We extend you a personalized service on packages from Miami-FL to your location. We have flights everyday that guarantee your goods will be handed to you with 48 to 72 hours in the Santo Domingo metropolitan area.

Not registered yet? you can do it HERE and receive 5 FREE POUNDS so you can live the experience!

*The 5 Free Pounds are given in the date of your registration for 30 days and are applied to the 50% of the weight of your package!


An unique pound cost is set at USD$3.80/Pound + itbis. It has been design to offer calculation convenience and process transparency. We do it this way aiming for one, clear and simple invoice, with no new terms, fuel surcharge or port fees added.

Although, keep in mind DGII requires to burden with additional taxes and port services to goods costing over USD$200.


It is our pride to give our complementary delivery to your door on all your packages, it’s our signature service without cost to you! That’s why we say: “Our office is at your doorstep”.

We’ve configured our service this way, to provide you the most convenience experience. No driving in rush hour or waiting in long lines to get your boxes, nothing beats that!


If you need to ship an order of bigger volume or heavier piece, we can offer an Marine option as a solution to your growth necessities. Sailing every Saturday and with a low rate, you will receive (over sale’s invoice) 100% transport insurance coverage without any additional cost to you.


5 FREE POUNDS when you register and for a period of 30 days after that are applied to the 50% of the weight of your package so you can live the experience!

SINGLE RATE PER POUND! Our rate per pound is the only one in the market that presents itself with the additional charges already included for better transparency and confidence!

TRACKING SYSTEM and notifications that allow you to know every moment where your packages are.

IN YOUR DOOR we take all your packages with no additional cost! You don’t have to drive anymore in the congested traffic to get them!

TOO BIG TOO HEAVY don’t worry, you just have to write us to cotizaciones@encargogroup.com and we can quote for you by sea.